See you at CONEXPO 2020!
where heavy metal meets classic rock!

Want to build lighter equipment? Move more mountains? Take your business to new heights?

Then you don’t want to miss visiting Hardox® wear plate and Strenx® performance steel at CONEXPO 2020, North America's largest construction trade show. Immerse yourself in the latest steel technology, meet a beauty and the beast and learn how to propel your operation into a sustainable future!

See all the magic at SSAB's booth Central Hall - #C33019 from March 10-14, 2020.

Hardox® HiAce

The new ace in corrosion-resistant wear steel for acidic environments
Hardox® HiAce, the latest addition to the Hardox® wear plate range, is an ace at fighting both abrasive wear and corrosion. It is a true wear fighter, especially in acidic corrosive environments that threaten to eat away at your equipment. This corrosion-resistant steel plate helps to meet the challenges of corrosive wear environments found in municipal and industrial waste management, waste-to-energy plants, and in mining and process industries.

Strenx® performance steel

High strength steel for trailer frames and flooring
Strenx® performance steel helps you make stronger, lighter, safer, more competitive and more sustainable trailers. Strenx® performance steel has extremely consistent properties — yield and tensile strength, bending performance, impact toughness — which ensures precision and efficiency in the workshop.

SSAB Eco-upgraded

Upgrade and take a load off of Mother Earth for a sustainable future
Along with our customers, SSAB continuously upgrades the material and design of applications. These innovations improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, lower CO2 impacts and boost profits!

Calculate all the potential in SSAB’s EcoUpgraded app! Enter machine type and operational parameters and instantly see a visual report on your estimated savings.

•Potential impact on annual profit
•Fuel savings over equipment lifetime
•CO2 savings over equipment lifetime